Monday, 18 April 2011

Jonathan Monk - A Poster Project

Jonathan Monk A Poster Project 2011

A Poster Project at Eastside Projects, Birmingham

Devised as part of Book Works' touring exhibition Again, A Time Machine, Jonathan Monk's A Poster Project is an instructional piece whereby each venue is presented with 2 posters: A Daniel Buren-esque striped poster (at each venue), and a vintage piece from the artist's own collection (different at each venue). The gallery must then fly post the posters somewhere outside the gallery and photograph them in situ. A run of posters featuring a picture of the original poster in its new location is then produced and distributed in the exhibition space.

Monk's work often builds on, parallels and pastiches the practices of other artists, especially those involved in late '60s conceptual art. With Monk, however, utopian ideals and notions of genius are subverted to a more playful, tongue-in-cheek approach, interrogating the everyday and the commonplace.
Having just ended its run at Birmingham's Eastside Projects, Again, A Time Machine will now tour, reinventing itself each time, to:
Motto, Berlin, 6th May to 2nd June 2011
The Showroom, London, 14th June 2011 to 19th May 2012
Spike Island, Bristol, 16th September to 9th October 2011
White Columns, New York, 23rd October to 19th November 2011