Monday, 16 May 2011

On Kawara - I Got Up At...

On Kawara - I Got Up At...
1974 - 75 (Ninety postcards with printed rubber stamps)
The semi autobiographical 'I Got Up At...' by On Kawara is a series of postcards sent to John Baldessari. Each card was sent from his location that morning detailing the time he got up.

The time marked on each card varies drastically from day to day, the time stamped on each card is the time he left his bed as opposed to actually waking up. Kawara's work often acts to document his existence in time, giving a material form to which is formally immaterial. The series has been repeated frequently sending the cards to a variety of friends and colleagues. 

On Kawara - March 5,  2000 New York

Liquitex on canvas, 25.4x34.3 cm