Monday, 5 March 2012


Samekhmem at The Event, 2011

There has always been and will always be Samekhmem.
Seek not to understand the birth of Samekhmem.
True comprehension of this is beyond regular thought.
Place your mind, instead, in the center of the universe and allow yourself to dwell in the infinite.
When you know Samekhmem, you will realise that you have always known Samekhmem.
This truth extends beyond all imaginable constraints.
You will know the eternal message of Samekhmem.
It has always been heard by you and you will always be part of it.

A cleansing ritual and eternal drone performance conceived by AAS. Like all their projects  Samekhmem is an immersive and extensive 'performance fiction' which AAS invite you to enter into. Introduced as part of Birmgingham's bi-annual Event festival, Samekhmem continues as a web-based project at inviting you to remote view their performance and recount your experiences.

As AAS put it: The performance invites you to participate in the sacrament, and enter into the collective mystery of the Sacred Eternal Drone. If you cannot attend in person, we encourage you to cleanse yourself, meditate on the silence, and tune in to the performance whenever you are ready.

By using ‘remote listening’, our followers have learnt to experience past and future Samekhmem performances, which exist in flux between eternal duration and linear time.