Friday, 13 April 2012

Tony Conrad - Yellow Movies

Tony Conrad - Yellow Movie 12/17/72

'Yellow Movie' by Tony Conrad are a series of films with an indefinite duration. Made with cheap house-hold paint on a single sheet of paper, from the moment the paint is applied the 'paintings' begin to 'screen'. With a black frame painting around the 'film' suggests format of a move cinema, the paint alters gradually overtime with the effect of light and are described by Conrad only as a series of films. 

Best known as a composer and filmmaker operating through a number of avant-guard groups in 60's New York, the 'Yellow Movies' series were an explicit attempt to criticize structural film and its limitations. Conrad wanted to propose a radical expansion of the idea of the 'movie'. Removing video from its apparatus of camera, film and projector the films imperceptibly change from the effect of light over the space of a life time.