Sunday, 3 February 2013

Joe Hamilton - Hyper Geography

Joe Hamilton - Hyper Geography
blog, 2011
Hyper Geography is an online project by Australian based artist Joe Hamilton. 

Taking the format of an endless stream of images, the blog is a complex puzzle of appropriated content compiled in square shaped formats that connect and overlap with the images next to it.   

Conflating organic, human and technological references, the majority of the content illustrates the blurring definitions of 'environment' and habitat in the contemporary world. Perhaps the individual images can be understood as a sort of hybrid that links man to its digital environment, but the seamless flow of one image to the next also alludes to the relentless distribution of images online. Hamilton addresses the act of blogging as an artistic medium as well as a platform for display.

"What in the history of thought may be seen as a confusion or an over-lapping is often the precise moment of the dramatic impulse, since it is because the meanings and the experiences are uncertain and complex that the dramatic mode is more powerful, includes more, than could any narrative or exposition: not the abstracted order, though its forms are still present, but at once the order, the known meanings, and that experience of order and meanings which is at the very edge of the intelligence and the senses, a complex interaction which is the new and dramatic form." — Williams, R. (1980) Ideas of Nature in Problems in Materialism and Culture. London: Verso