Monday, 25 March 2013

Anne Collier

Anne Collier Developing Tray #2 2009

"I’m interested in depicting different manifestations of photographic imagery: how photography is employed in relation to everyday objects such as magazines, record sleeves, posters, etc., and how these mass-circulated things can absorb – and illuminate - our own narratives."
Anne Collier in conversation with Alex Farquharson

Double Marilyn 2007
 Anne Collier presents us with re-photographed photographs that she finds in everyday places. 

Removed and photographed in cool conceptual detachment, the images she selects are nonetheless seductive, sentimental and romantic, found in and on objects we often associate with intimate personal contexts such as in books, on record covers, in magazines and on posters. The items chosen often have a sense of physicality, they are battered, dog-eared or creased - this haptic quality creates an awareness of these things as objects. This awareness of support in the original image sits at odds with the clinic execution of the work itself where everything is done to remove any sense of a personal hand. The act of mediation is minimal, neutral studio backgrounds and slick frames strive to say as little as possible, and these images remain distinct from the images the re-present - an index of an encounter with an image.

Clouds 2012

The vacillation between object- an image-hood becomes a meditation on the act of looking itself. Motifs that recur and repeat focus around acts of looking and seeing - eyes, cameras and lenses are examples, and mostly they belong to female figures and protagonists. 

The highly personal nature of the images comes through when we see the works as a body, and we begin to feel as a substrate beneath the cold conceptual aesthetic of the works, a sense of the photographer herself. We are invited to reflect upon the way photographic images circulate within our lives, and the ways in which we encounter and relate to photographic commodities.

Woman With a Camera 2006