Sunday, 12 June 2011

Adam Chodzko - Better Scenery

 Adam Chodzko Better Scenery 2002
Islington, London, UK
Text reads:
Go North down 10th St and turn west onto 12th Avenue. Continue west on 12th out of Fargo until you see the big Supervalu warehouse on your right. Take that exit onto Interstate 29, heading North towards Grand Forks and Canada. After about 30 minutes (maybe 28 miles) you want to look out for the Gardner exit, which comes soon after you see four big silver grain bins on the right hand side of the road. Turn east and go about a quarter of a mile until you see a stop sign. Then turn left going north - you're now in Kinyon Township - for maybe three miles. That would get you to a crossroads. Then turn east again. (In the distance you’ll see a tree line running along the horizon. The Red River runs behind it). One half a mile further on you’ll come to a farmstead on the south side of the road. This is the Pratt farm. Come into the yard, pass by the machine shed and at the shelter belt turn left into the soybean field. Standing facing you is a sign. It describes the location of the sign you have just finished reading.
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Text reads:
Turning left immediately outside the entrance to Angel tube station you need to go down the hill a bit until you reach the traffic lights at this big, chaotic cross roads. There’s a Co-op bank on the other side of the road - but still on the Islington side - so cross over towards that, then pass it, walking along Pentonville Road. Maybe 15 yards along this in the middle of the pavement is a large shrub right in front of the Family Planning Association, which is in the dark glass and bronze-coloured rectangular block of a building on your right. A brown railing runs across the pavement at the point where Angel Mews begins. Stand in the entrance of this little street with Whittles House to your left. Following the line of black bollards which run along the pavement of the mews you’ll see, facing you, in a corner next to a broken concrete lamp post a single ash tree. In its branches about 8ft off the ground you’ll see a sign. It describes the location of the sign you have just finished reading.