Friday, 3 June 2011

Fiona Banner - Full Stops

Fiona Banner Full Stops
Installation shot, 2007

Memento 2005

An artist preoccupied with text, Fiona Banner has blurred the boundaries between words and images throughout her career. She began producing Full Stops for  her Art Now show at Tate Britain in 1998.

Banner here makes tangible not words, but a nothingness: silence rendered solid. Banner's full stops span across many type-faces and their differences become manifest in their juxtaposition: some are round, some square and some elliptical, some are big, some small. Rendering the stoppages in speech and text into solid three-dimensional objects has become an on-going concern for Banner; and the stops seem to have become progressively weighty; beginning in neon (below) and progressing to more recent works in steel (above).

Neon Full Stop 1997