Thursday, 11 August 2011

Adam Chodzko - Secretors

Adam Chodzko - Secretors 1993 - 1996
(Lead crystal, manifestation juice, plastic containers and acrylic)
The 'Secretors' are based on moments in horror films where buildings are seen to leak blood. Both terrifying and beautiful they suggest moments when social space becomes not only a volume for bodies, but becomes a body itself.

Each 'Secretor' is titled in 1000's of km/hr suggesting that in order to be seen the must be frozen in time and have been seen in various circumstances such as behind Gordon Brown in an interview on ITV, News at Ten (27th July, 1994). They acts as a metaphor of how alternative realities leak into the everyday familiarity of being, and ask that we change our normative perception of our surrounding environment. Coming in part of a 'kit', the 'Secretor' is a clear lead crystal vessel which you can fill with its individual 'manifestation juice', as a prop or an addition to an architecture they act as a reminder of constant transformation and instability. 

(Installation view at Tate St Ives, 'Dark Monarch')