Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Banks Violette - (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror

Banks Violette - SunnO))) (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror
2006, Maureen Paley Gallery
Working with black metal band SunnO))) Banks Violette staged (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror at the Maureen Paley Gallery in 2006. Building a false wall inside the gallery behind which SunnO))) would play, the audience could hear the drone of the band whilst its members remained out of sight.

In the upstairs of the gallery Violette displayed SunnO)))'s equipment cast in salt and shards of a black coffin (from which the lead singer usually performs). These strange crystalline objects remain the only visual documentation of the event, whilst the band and much of Violettes practice remain in mystery.