Tuesday, 13 September 2011


As Lustfaust.com introduces them: "Lustfaust was an experimental noise band active in West Berlin during the late seventies and early 1980s whos combination of an aggressive on-stage presence, found object instrumentation, and the use of an anti-capitalist community-based model of distribution (send the band a blank cassette and they would return it with their latest release) spawned the Dadaist Geniale Dilettanten movement of the early 1980s and pioneered the burgeoning cassette culture of the late seventies."


Lustfaust.com guides us through the history of this almost-forgotten band and tells their tale through the relics of its DIY fan base - home made merchandise (shirts, pin badges and shoes (above)), home recorded tapes, and amateur photographs are all that survives of these once-loved icons of a once-important and exciting scene. 

Perhaps it's worth pointing out, if you are not familiar with this body of work, that Lustfaust is in fact an ongoing project by Jamie Shovlin; an artist who specialises in the detail- and pitch-perfect simulation of pop-cultural ephemera, home-spun histories and faked artefacts. Explore the website for videos, recordings, the full history, and a link to the former fan club site.