Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Haroon Mirza - An Infinato

Haroon Mirza - An Infinato, 2009
Mixed Media, Including footage by Jeremy Deller and damaged off-cuts from 'Cycles 1 1972/77' by Guy Sherwin. 

Mirza's sculptural assemblages take their from from a range of found objects, out-dated musical equipment, appliances and furniture. Each configuration fills the space around it with a cacophony of electronic sound by re-working the appliances' original function. In 'An Infinato' Mirza uses a metal dustbin filled with water to create a chaotic composition whereby a jet of water bubbling inside the bin hits the exposed circuitry of a now 'retro' Casio keyboard.

The assemblage of audio and material paraphernalia explores an order whereby social or cultural become aligned with aural traditions. We are asked to re-consider the objects employed by Mirza and the mechanisms in play which produce the sound, often warping the gap between object and sound. 

Haroon Mirza - Canon Remix,  2009