Thursday, 12 January 2012

Nicolas Bourriaud - Postproduction

"The artistic question is no longer 'What can we make that is new?' but, 'How can we make do with what we have?' ... Artists today program forms more than they compose them."
Postproduction Nicolas Bourriaud 
Lukas & Sternberg, New York, 2002 

Nicky Enright reads from the introduction to Nicolas Bourriaud's Postproduction

Postproduction is a theoretical/art-historical text by French curator and writer Nicolas Bourriaud. In the book he seeks to examine the contemporary trend for remaking and re-presenting existing material in novel arrangements and forms. Borrowing from the lexicon of music and television production he employs the term 'post-production' to describe and expand traditional notions of artistic appropriation. Tracing a trajectory through 20th Century art history, Bourriaud seems to argue that increasingly artists strive to redefine what has gone before, rather than create unique new forms.

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