Thursday, 31 May 2012

Solina Hi-Fi - Campfire

Solina Hi-Fi - 'Campfire'
Performance at Open File; 'Echoes (disambiguation)'
Nov 2011

Solina Hi-Fi performed Campfire as part of Echoes (disambiguation), Open Files' first event in the Grand Union series, 2011. 

The performance consisted of mapping the resonant frequencies present in the gallery space using a sensitive microphone, and playing them back through a sound-system. As the same frequencies resonanted in the space and multiplied it creates a strange density of sound and pressure whilst not becoming loud. Five Hanterex monitors were positioned in the space and programmed to shift colour as the pitch and density of sound altered. 

For more information about the Solina HiFi and the performance please visit our website here 

"Camp Fire looks simply to weave, inextricably, aural and visual elements into a cohesive momentary experience. An experiment using oscillations, sound as well as colour, of varying pitches and playing the geometry of the space in which the performance takes place.
Measurements of the space, in which the performance takes place, are put through simple equations. The resulting numbers determine sets of frequencies relevant to the space and the performance.
These frequencies in multiples, when applied back to the space from which they came, should yield further as yet undetermined frequencies as they navigate the room.
Traveling, reflecting and crossing paths, the wavelengths radiate governed by the mathematical dynamics of the space.
A microphone picks up ambient resonant frequencies and distills them giving a single mean result. Video monitors, as they display this result as a mathematically transposed frequency of colour, also provide a physical focus not devoid of its subject."