Monday, 4 June 2012

Mark Leckey - BigBoxStatueAction


Mark Leckey BigBoxStatueAction
2003 - 11

In BigBoxStatueAction, Mark Leckey places a high-modernist sculpture 'in conversation' with a purpose-built sound-system.

Strapped together and reaching the same proportions as its sculptural counter-part (Henry Moore, above at the Serpentine Gallery, Epstein, left at Tate Britain), Leckey's speaker stack explores the space in sonic equivalence to the solidity of the form in front of of it. Occasional emissions of largely appropriated sounds address the mass as if to probe and interrogate it in a manner that suggests it is trying to understand it, testing it out. When utilised for performance the sounds hit rib-rumbling low ends at ear-ringing volume.

Lecky is an artist who has talked about his pratice being a response to whatever cultural ephemera he finds around him. He is an artist whose work animates the inanimate, be it objects, products, spaces or other artworks.