Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hadley+Maxwell - Improperties

Hadley & Maxwell - There is plenty of hope, but not for us
2010 - 11, Antique plaster and wooden figures, Chinese wooden lacquer box, styrofoam, wood, screws, bronzing powders, oil and acrylic paint. 
From the body of work Improperties 

Hadley+Maxwell, Who doesnt finger
Hadley+Maxwell's body of work Improperties is a sprawling series of sculptures and installations. Composed of cultural fragments and figurative models, Hadley+Maxwell have sliced the objects and placed them inside museological type displays. Almost as an anthropological section, the cutting of the ojects can be seen as a contemporary translation of past histories and how they are strictly placed in pseudo museological structures. The seemingly violent act also calls to question potential interpretations of these now discarded artifacts
"To cut is to separate, yet cutting also creates the possibility of new, uncommon associations and agglomerations of things beyond familiar properties and modes of classifiable identification." - Patricia Reed, Improper Human-ness

Hadley+Maxwell, Human?