Thursday, 30 August 2012

Haris Epaminonda - VOL. VI

Haris Epaminonda VOL. VI 
Installation view
VOL. VI was an installation made for Tate Modern's former Level 2 Gallery space in London by Cypriot artist Haris Epaminonda. This sixth part in an ongoing series of Volume works consisted of an array of framed appropriated images taken from anthropology publications - often, but not always, paired - alongside collections of found objects divided by temporary walls in an artfully laid out series of discrete rooms the final of which housed a video. 

The objects have the look and feel of a collection of exotic souvenirs gathered by a colonial explorer: statuettes, carvings, rugs, vessels, utilitarian or decorative. 

Adopting a spare and minimal approach that mimics museological conventions in order to unravel them, Epaminonda's installations bemuse and obfuscate where they should explain, and craft  narrative arcs through the creation of unexpected linkages. The deftly executed juxtapositions generate almost-tangible relationships through their exposure of similarity and difference in the found content. The origins of her objects remain hidden.