Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I DID, DID I - Curated by Kes Richardson and Darren O'Brien

Installation view featuring work by Dominic Kennedy, Kes Richardson and Catherine Parsonage
ASC Gallery, London, 2013

I DID, DID I was an exhibition curated by Kes Richardson and Darren O'Brien, staged at ASC Gallery, London, between September 21st and October 26th 2013. The exhibition featured pairs of paintings by Howard Dyke, Kate Groobey, Dominic Kennedy, Catherine Parsonage and Kes Richardson.

Dividing the space into two distinct areas, theatrical flats were placed in such a way as to create two identical, separated spaces. These mirrored areas contained one of a pair of paintings, with it's twin (identical or not) found in the other. The order and spacing of the hang was the same in each of the two rooms.

Focusing on works created in series Richardson and O'Brien set up a unique viewing situation whereby the visitor encountered the elements separately but in close spacial and temporal proximity, hung in such a way that they could not be viewed together. Carrying the memory of what was recently seen into the next space, the set up engendered a close consideration of the distinguishing marks of each work causing the viewer to scrutinise the paintings for similarities and differences. Details and differences became at once pronounced and questionable as the visitor paced from one space to other in order to check what had just seen in relation to what may or may not have seen before.

Installation views featuring works by Kate Groobey and Howard Dyke (top) and Dominic Kennedy, Kes Richardson and Catherine Parsonage (bottom).