Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Roni Horn - Pair Objects

Roni Horn – Pair Field, 1991
solid forged copper, stainless steel
eighteen different pairs of identical objects

Spanning sculpture, photography, drawing and print Horn's work often orientates itself around notions of 'sameness' and 'difference'. Regularly commenting on her sculptures as being ‘site-dependent’, Horn borrows from the vocabulary of Minimalism whilst embracing the specificity of its surrounding location and the intrinsic material qualities of the objects themselves.

In her Pair Object series Horn's produces two identical objects out of materials such as copper, steel and glass and displays them in close, but not immediate proximity to each other. The work explores a sort of tension as the two identical objects are altered minutely by the different spaces that they occupy. 

Similar to her work 'You Are the Weather', where she took photos of a girl in a thermal bath milli-seconds apart. She asks the audience to experience an almost identical form as an act of rememberance, an echo or repetition that allows us to reconsider our initial perceptions. 

"The pair form, by virtue of the condition of being double, actively refuses the possibility of being experienced as a thing in itself. The simple state of doubleness includes, as integral, the space or interval between. So twice over, this work insists on a recognition of circumstance." Interview with Roni Horn