Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jason Rhoades, The Creation Myth

Jason Rhoades
The Creation Myth 1998

In his 1998 installation The Creation Myth Jason Rhoades explore notions and aspects of the creative process. Like many of his works, it takes the form of an enormous assembled mass of collected objects carefully chosen and arranged to form a sprawling cacophony of references, signifiers and metaphors: Tables, chairs, shelving, TVs, buckets,  heavy machinery, cardboard, paper printouts,  porn mags, toys, wood and DIY materials all vie for space here.

The finishing result is a gaudily coloured digestive process divided into discrete areas where everything from Star Trek to porn is ingested, digested and excreted in the form of giant cardboard turds into the museum – the arsehole of Rhodes’ creative process.

Rhodes said of the piece: "The Creation Myth is about how one creates, how one sees creation, how one sees the act of creation... It’s basically about how we see things in the world. We put them into the brain and then we file them and then they break up and get filed in different parts of the brain, and different things get stuck in different areas."

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