Sunday, 13 March 2011

Martin Kippenberger - The Happy End of Franz Kafka's 'Amerika'

Martin Kippenberger - The Happy End of Franz Kafka's 'Amerika' (1994)

Based on Kafka's novel 'Amerika', Kippenberger re-imagines the final scene of the unfinished book and suggests an alternative ending. At this point in the story the lead protagonist Karl Rossmann (after traveling across America) applies for a job at 'the biggest theater in the world' where 'every one is welcome' and 'whoever wants to become an artist should sign up!' Claiming that he also never finished reading the book, Kippenberger approaches the unfinished condition of the novel as an open possibility for an uncharacteristically 'happy ending'
The wide variety of table's and chairs present an abundance of possible meanings and outcomes for Karl Rossmanns interview at the theater, whilst suggesting a range of personalities and psychological types. Although an installation, the work becomes a comment on the importance of communication, relationships and dialogues. Fundamentally the social processes involved in an artistic practice.