Monday, 18 June 2012

Kitty Kraus - Untitled

Kitty Kraus - Untitled, 2009-10
Ice, ink, lightbulb, light fixture.

Untitled by Kitty Kraus begins as a large block of ice with a lightbulb and black ink trapped inside. As the light is turned on the large block gradually starts to melt and a puddle of ink begins to make its way across the gallery floor.

With close associations to Minimalism, what starts of as an ominous frozen black cube transforms into a delicate abstract floor drawing. Its impossible to describe the work as either a cube of ice or an ink stained floor, it is moreover an impermanent process akin to the effects of glaciers in the real world.

The Below video was taken at Cornerhouse gallery in Manchester as part of Constellations June 2011.