Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tina O'Connell - Cube Descending A Staircase

Tina O'Connell Cube Descending A Staircase
Bitumin 2006
(Day 1)

(Day 2)

(Day 3)

Tina O'Connell's works in Bitumin at first seem as static and solid as the minimalist forms they reference. In fact they are transient and never fixed, moving just outside the visual register and transforming both the object and the space in which they move. 

O'Connell draws a parrellel between this non-fixity of form and the non-fixity of interpretation,"Sculpture no longer operates on a formal or figurative level," she says, "liberalist attitudes have rendered purely aesthetic readings of a work difficult, and the complex structures of a relational era of making and viewing, in which both positions are collapsed, mean the object is in a constant state of transition... It is my intention through this and other research to reveal this relational context in a world that is still materially evident. This is the phenomenology of perception through familiarity, expectation, time and material, perhaps."